Hi guys. Recently, despite all the writing and whatnot, I found time to watch the Blizzard’s Hearthstone League games.

There’s this guy, goes by “Surrender” and won the last tournament, last year, 2017. This time, he reminds us just why he won. Dude is on faya! (fire!)

I may have just become a fan.

His game against ShtanUdachi is the most impressive tournament game I’ve seen in a while. If you want to watch that game on YouTube, just click here

Also, don’t forget to read, like and comment on RULES AND THE ASPECT

Happy New Year, Guys!

Yes, I know it’s late. Better late than never o.O


Story Writing

So, I’ve been putting a lot into writing a story (a few sleepless nights) and it’s just made me appreciate excellent writers even more. The books are part of a series I’m calling Rules and the Aspect, and the first book is The Five Secrets. You can find the chapters I’ve written on the STORIES page.

It bugs me that I have all this information about the story that just slowly trickles out over an excruciatingly long time. And after hours spent deliberating on the right expression(s) to convey the right impression(s), I end up with this short breath that barely tells a fraction of the happenings my mind hath conjured  upon itself, within itself.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

You could also find it here on wattpad. I will be posting this story on too. Link will be available shortly.

Six Word Stories Omnibus: Volume Five

unbolt me
Six word stories..
Pretty cool!

unbolt me

Time for more six word stories.
They were all written by you,
our dear readers. Oh my, yes!
We’ve finally posted them right here,
so don’t throat punch us, okay?
Such a long time to wait!

Story 1:
Six words can’t tell a story. 
Story 2:
What’s more, there isn’t enough substance.
by Sheldon Kleeman

Story 3:
Clever! Thanksformakingmelaugh.
by Daal Praderas

Story 4:
There IS peaceinloveAmen!
by Rjoherman

Story 5:
I have a single porpoise tooth.
Story 6:
Tuna Safe Dolphin Meat is good.
Story 7:
“Please kill me,” my clone whispered.
Story 8:
I think these pills work fast.
Story 9:
My umbilical noose is too tight.
by Epic Fantasy

Story 10:
Sharks are nice. Hey, my arm!
by Phoenix Risen Poetry

Story 11:
Phew, whataninterestinglookingblog!
by Andy Smart

Story 12:

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Calabash cracks
On the frond chair

Black sash, then sparks
Tooth, bone and hair

Footfalls on stone

Blood moon and fog
Shadows haunting

White dress, bare feet
Root, foot… slipped

Neck and wrist slit
Wine of soul, spilled

Dawn and duskblade
Spell rites fulfilled



Please, tell me what you think. I’d love some insight. I hope it piques your curiosity. 🙂



Imagine we could fall in love
Then love and die
To live in love
Lost and broken
Done and gone

Imagine we were not but one
A feather breeze
Eternal passion
Fall to static void
Infinity ends

Imagine I’m lost without you
Then I find you
And am still lost
But there’s nothing more
To be found

Imagine snow falls on a summer noon
Imagine Santa in Easter
Imagine some born with a paper spoon
Imagine Everest crumbles to dust
Imagine us falling apart.



A very spontaneous moment.

So I’m in the car, and beginning to think like a developer and just plainly marveling at the deep simplicity of human expectation in a more relaxed, philosophical context. And uh.. throw in love to give it easily understandable depth.

Suddenly, I feel poetic and tada! I hope you like! :*)